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Rather than simply creating an aesthetic environment, we design following our client’s needs and create functional, structural, and aspirational spaces. Luxury interiors intend to provide each client with nurturing surroundings that allow them to thrive in whichever way they choose to use the areas within their home. We can take on any turnkey interior design project with ease. That is an ideal option for short on-time clients who prefer to remain private. Having us as the sole point of contact up until the final handover reduces the level of stress and involvement.

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What We Do


NYC kitchen remodeling step 1 - kitchen design

Kitchen Renovation

From idea to implementation and completion, we do complete kitchen remodeling in NYC. We create any kitchen to suit your needs & build it with the highest quality.


NYC kitchen remodeling step 2 - kitchen permits

Bathroom Remodeling

Bring luxury comfort & intimacy to your personal space. We help building your remodeling ideas & make your dream bathroom come true from A-Z.


NYC kitchen remodeling step 3 - kitchen construction and installation

Custom Millwork & Cabinets

We are building your dream and unique hi-end custom millwork ideas for your luxury home and business in NYC.

Our Clients Say

KS Renovation team is very professional & reliable. They've completed the job on time and within a budget & provided detailed updates on the work progress. They immediately solved any problems & obstacles with minimal difficulties. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

William Plotch

KS Renovation is a highly professional & reliable general contractor. I recommend them very highly. Their custom millwork shop produces very high-quality work. They built 2 vanities, a shelving unit, an A/C enclosure, and a very complex wall of built-in shelves and cabinets.

amy schorr

KS Renovation beautifully managed the entire reconstruction of our apartment in a 1918 building. The result was perfect. We recommend them in the highest possible terms. Their cabinetry is of the highest quality & they finished on time and within budget.


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