NYC Condo & Co-ops Renovation

Condo renovation in New York is an art form. This process requires incorporating different styles in one place without sacrificing comfort, usability, practicality, and quality. At KS Renovation, our experts are ready to handle it all, giving you an optimal, stress-free renovation experience.

NYC Condo & Co-ops Renovation

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Renovating Condo Properties With KS Renovation

End-To-End General Contracting Management

Our services are entirely-inclusive. Seamlessly completing a project is one of our priorities, which is why we are a full-service design and build firm—handling every aspect of your renovation: architectural drafting, project management, interior design, custom millwork, and other details.

We Are Listening

We know how to do the best work, but only you know what your ideal vision is. Therefore, we listen to you, anticipate your needs, and turn your best ideas into reality. Once everything is set, we don’t make any changes without notifying you first, so you get the precise results you’re expecting every time.

Communication Is Key

There is no success without meaningful communication. When our team begins a project, we continuously update our clients with the latest information regarding their dream space. Healthy relationships build trust, which is one of our core values.


Condo & Co-Ops Renovation Challenges

Condos and Co-Ops often have a number of rules and restrictions imposed by their boards. Specific methods that can and can’t be utilized during the renovation process. The professionals at KS Renovation are aware of the intricacies of the condo remodeling process and are ready to face these challenges with ease.


Condo & Co-Op Revision

A building’s age, plumbing, electrical, and wall state play a considerable role in determining the next steps in the remodeling process. Depending on the desired style and the complexity of the design, KS Renovation will take the necessary steps to make your project come to life.

Our Clients Say

KS Renovation team is very professional & reliable. They've completed the job on time and within a budget & provided detailed updates on the work progress. They immediately solved any problems & obstacles with minimal difficulties. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

William Plotch

KS Renovation is a highly professional & reliable general contractor. I recommend them very highly. Their custom millwork shop produces very high-quality work. They built 2 vanities, a shelving unit, an A/C enclosure, and a very complex wall of built-in shelves and cabinets.

amy schorr

KS Renovation beautifully managed the entire reconstruction of our apartment in a 1918 building. The result was perfect. We recommend them in the highest possible terms. Their cabinetry is of the highest quality & they finished on time and within budget.


Our journey with KS Renovations exceeded expectations. Their professionalism, craftsmanship, and trustworthiness transformed our apartment into a work of art. I highly recommend them for exceptional results. Thanks to KS and their team for making our renovation dreams come true!



How Does KS Approach These Challenges?

Our knowledge and technical comprehension are among our main tools. Our experience and expertise can help us resolve any electrical, plumbing, asbestos, and cabinet issues that may arise. We’re also completely aware that many older New York apartments have had intermittent third-party work done throughout the years. Therefore, our professionals look for potential piecemeal jobs within the structure and determine which should receive the most attention.


Condo Soundproofing

Noisy neighbors from above your unit or through the wall can be pretty annoying. Or maybe you like to blast music, and don’t want anyone to hear you. With KS Renovation, this won’t be a problem as we’ve mastered the best techniques and use the highest quality materials to isolate noise inside or outside your condo.


Condo Interior Design

As part of our full-scale approach, we work with you to craft an ideal interior to fit your lifestyle and make your home. If you already have a specific aesthetic in mind, we’ll work hard to bring that to life. We do our own in-house millwork & cabinetry, and we will always consider your tastes and implement unique solutions to make your desired aesthetic come to life.


Smart Home & Electrical

A Smart Home with thoughtful and well-laid-out wiring working in tandem with high-quality devices will make your apartment an extremely comfortable and livable space. Add some ease to your day-to-day with a home packed with functional tech, seamlessly integrating modern technology with your lifestyle. Automate it all!

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